Sunday, 9 March 2008

An eventfull two weeks

Hi everyone,
we have been so busy over the last two weeks this is the first chance I have had, to say hello to you all. Well after a great day out at the Futurity it was back to the grind stone for me. We still have a lot of fencing to finish so my grandson Ashley and I got to work. We try to spend a few hours each day on this task as you all know, there are all the everyday jobs that must be done. The week went pretty quickly for us both and I knew Ashley was getting excited, as I had promised to take him to see Bob and Lesley down at Wellground in Wiltshire. He has heard so much about it but never been there. We left my wife Ann at home farm sitting and set off about lunchtime on the Saturday. I wanted to call at Molevalley Famers in Frome before we went to the Hotel, as there is a lot of things much cheaper than back here in Essex. We had a good look around and purchased a few items before heading for the Hotel, which is in Westbury five minutes from Bratton where Wellground is. Bob and Lesley were meeting us for dinner in the evening, we had arranged this to celebrate their Birthdays which they had earlier in the week. A very nice meal too, we all had a good chat Alpacas of course and alsc bike racing. Ashley is well into his scrambler which Bob knows a lot about, as he has been involved with bikes for years. Needless to say Ashley was asking him all about his racing days.
We were up early the next morning had breakfast and were at Wellground by 9-15. What a great morning we had too, Bob had Ashley on his quad showing him how he harrows, uses his poo picker and also his roller my grandson enjoyed every minute<> I owe you one for that. I particular liked having a rummage through some of there Alpacas, they really have some first class girls and boys. Time seemed to fly naturally it always does when you are enjoying yourself. It was time for lunch we went to the Lamb a small pub they use a couple of villages away. I had been there before with them very nice traditional Sunday lunch proper home cooking. We eventually left them at around two pm and headed back to Essex, thank you both for a smashing couple of days. When we arrived home later that evening I was telling my wife Ann that as soon as I could afford it, I was going to invest in a poo picker as the time it saves is unbelievable, she then really took the wind out of my sales and told me she had ordered me one, for my Birthday which is this week. The machine arrived last Friday so now there will be no stopping me but I am sure the man hours it saves me, Ann will find me plenty of jobs to do .
These last few days have been spent generally working on the farm, next week is a very busy time for me as I have all the Alpacas to inject and they all need their toe nails clipped. Also not forgetting I will be out nice and early with my new toy , weather permitting of course. They have forecast some nasty weather all over the country for us all, so good luck to every one, until we speak next time bye for now and all the best,
Joe Hempsey.

Monday, 3 March 2008

An interesting week and an even better weekend

Hi every body,
well another week has just flown past for us. It started off as usual with all the normal Alpaca jobs to do, as everyone knows who owns Alpacas, paddocks must be kept clean, hay racks always full plenty of clean water, the usual everyday jobs. Mind you I have to admit it has been taking quite a while cleaning the paddocks, we still have been doing it the old way with rakes and shovels. On Tuesday I said to my wife Ann, as soon as I can I am going to buy myself a poo picker <> which she replied, Joe I have bought you one for your Birthday, was I pleased I can tell you. We were spending at least two hours a day on this job alone. Big kisses and cuddles for a very special girl.
The middle of the week was fencing again enjoyable, but very hard work still the end is in sight. I reckon we have another two hundred posts and then attach the wire, and that will be us done. That will be about twelve acres we have fenced altogether varios sized paddocks with chase ways in between, looks really nice if I do say so myself. Towards the end of the week we were clearing the entrance to the farm the brambles having grown so high, definitaley a job for the mini digger, ready to put some nice plants in now my wifes department that is.
When it got to Saturday my grandson Ashley was getting excited, I had promised to take him with me down to Wellgound Alpaca Stud in Wiltshire. We were going to see Bob and Lesley to have a rummage as the saying goes, and also to take them out for a bit of dinner seeing they both celebrated their Birthdays last week. I must say they have some really lovely Alpacas on their farm. Always willing to have a chat and share their passion with others. Cheers to both of you we had a really great time. We spent all Sunday morning at their farm and then they took us for lunch at the Lamb, which is a lovely pub a couple of miles down the road, which does excellent food. Well we set off back home to Essex which only takes us about two and a half hours, We had a really nice time Ashley had thoroughly enjoyed his time at Wellground, Bob had him on the quad harrowing using the roller and also showing us how easy it was using the poo picker. I cannot wait until mine arrives.
Well it is back to normal today the start of another week, but according to the forecast a very cold start still it is okay, you can wrap up against the cold a lot better than rain I always say. I will have to sign off now as it is back to work for me, until the next time, cheerio for now.
Joe Hempsey.