Tuesday, 30 November 2010

What Snow

Hi Everybody,
What Snow, well that is a laugh.We have been saying for days now what is all the fuss about, a bit of snow never hurt anyone, my sister who lives in the north east, has been keeping in touch saying how bad the weather is up there, but living in the South East. we have been so lucky over the last few years, we have lost touch with really bad weather.Well not TODAY it has been hammering down since late last night, roads are terrible. but worst of all when you looked out of the window this morning, it was spot the Alpaca. Poor things you think, but there are hadly any of them in their shelters, just seem to be enjoying the snow like the kids do, plenty of hay in the racks, but digging the snow looking for the grass, I suppose being so hardy is bred into them, which is a good thing really.Even our young collie Bess, who is a year old today, is running around madly as she has never seen snow before. It is lovely looking out of the window, at the snow covered fields,but now it is back to reality,get your coat and boots on boy, and get out and finish all your chores.
Well better sign off for now, and speak to you all soon,
Bye for now,

Friday, 12 November 2010

Jimmys Farm comes to Orsett

Good Morning to you all,
The sun is shining in Orsett today, makes a big change from yesterday. Well what we had was a really nice day yesterday, we had visitors from Jimmys Farm in Suffolk. We have been in contact with Ninette who is there small Farm Manager, for a while now about introducing Alpacas onto their farm, knowing they have all different types of animals, my wife Ann thought it would be a good idea to contact Jimmy,to see if he was interested.Me being me, I thought I would pick the phone up, and speak to the man himself, wrong, I was forgetting of course how busy this guy is, what with not only running his farm, but all the Television work he does as well.That is how we were contacted by Ninette.
What the idea was we have been looking for good homes for some Wethers we have, the problem being we need the grazing, as we all do, especially this year as there was very little hay to be had, after spraying our ten acres that we keep for ourselves, we had less than two hundred bales off it, the worst crop we have ever had, nature can be hard, and it certainly was this year no rain at all when we needed it.
Having contacted Ninette, she had spoken to Jimmy who was very interested in the idea of having some Alpacas for the public to see, which will not only be good for them, but great for our industry, as there are so many people out there who do not know what an Alpaca looks like. I am quite excited to get some feed back, as the months go on to see what peoples reactions are to these wonderful animals.
Bye the way I did want to mention Andy, Jimmys stockman, what a lovely guy and does this man know his stuff about pigs, mind so he should he has been breeding and showing them for forty years, really looking forward to meeting up with both Andy and Ninette again, as they were both very interesting people to talk to, got a couple of good ones in them two Jimmy has.
Well that is my bit of news for today, I hope you all have a great weekend, and speak to you all soon.
Bye for now,