Friday, 13 July 2012

Another cria at Chase-End-Farm.

Good morning one and all,
                                       It has been one hell of a week weather wise for us all, you just seem to start something and then down it comes again I was caught by the hailstones on Wednesday right at the bottom of the field, one minute it was lovely the next hailstones from hell.
                                                                                            On a much brighter note we had another cria arrive this week a cracking female solid white, that is five so far this year with a few more to come. What fascinates me about Alpacas they know when they are in a bit of trouble, as it happened again to me the other day. Capri actually let us know she was having a bit of a problem birthing as she came over to me as much to say, come on boy give me a hand, she stood there while I helped deliver her cria, such intelligent animals.
           We have sold a few more Alpacas this week but they are staying with us for a few weeks until their new owners complete their new paddocks, they are not having a lot of luck at the moment as the sunshine is holding them back .I read Jeff Easter's blog about him having a problem getting hay for his Alpacas, and this could be a problem all over as who can cut hay in this weather, we still have ours to cut, please give us a few days of sunshine, we only need four or five.
                                                                                               Well folks time for me to go as it has stopped raining so I can get back out there, Bye for now,

Friday, 29 June 2012

Is it Friday the thirteenth

Good Evening everyone,
                                    What a day it has been today, it started with one of our boys actually breaking a fence post and getting into another paddock, these guys are very strong animals when they know a few of the girls are still open, anyway this happened around seven this morning, so we were rather lucky as my grandson was here to pick up some tools before he set off to work, he had a couple of his workmates with him, so it did not take us long to sort our little problem out, after they went off to work after all the confusion, Ann realised we were a mother and cria missing and unfortunately one of the guys had not closed the gate properly and we had mother and cria walking around our hay field, but we have to say Good old Ann as she always gives them Camelibra out of a pink bucket, but it worked Wizard came down the field with cria in tow mind you we could not see the cria as the grass is too long, and both of them went straight into there paddock.
             Now we thought time for a good old cuppa tea, [wrong] Ann had a phone call from our neighbour Peter, our Henrietta one of our chickens was off for a morning walk up the road, so off we went to try and find her sure enough she had not gone far but was well into the hedgerow, then the laugh begins my Ann is standing out there doing her chicken call which is rather special might I add, and low and behold in she walks through the gate with Henrietta fast on her heels, great I thought a nice cuppa and then I can start and do some paddock cutting. Well would you believe it had tea and toast went out to start the tractor and the ignition switch had broke, what else could go wrong, then we both looked at each and laughed, another day on the Alpaca farm, so back to work sun shining what more could one want..
                                                                                                                   The thing is when you look at life we do have it all, us alpaca farmers, have different things happen every day to us all, but we are all doing something we are very passionate about, how lucky can that be. Think I better sign off now as still have just a couple of jobs left to do, so speak to you all soon,
                                                                             Tara for now,
                                                                                                  Chase-End- Joe.  

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Friends are forever

Good Evening one and all,
                                       First of all thanks for the sunshine, it has been a great few days here in Essex, a bit to hot really but let us not complain. We have been so busy on the farm this week, injecting all of the herd, by the way a big thank you to Zena she is a close friend of my wife Ann who offered to help out on the farm and she has been a blessing in disguise, a few weeks ago she knew nothing about Alpacas but she has literally put her boiler suit on rolled her sleeves up and got stuck in, a big thank you for all the help pet.
                                        We had to deliver the other Alpacas what we had sold to Suffolk today, so we had quite a bit to do first, we did not set off to early in fact it was about 3-0 clock as we had to wait until our grandson Ashley came over as we would not leave the farm unattended. Sharon our daughter came with us as she wanted to see where our Alpacas had gone. Mind you I think she got a bit of a surprise when we arrived there, and so did Ann and myself.
                                                             Scott and Jo let me tip my hat to you both, because not only do you both work, but you have done a remarkable job on your farm in such a short time.It was great to see how you have planned your paddocks, by the way you have not nicked any of  my ideas, [only joking] Ann and myself want to wish you both all the luck in your new venture, and I know from experience believe you me, that the hard work always pays off in the end.
                                                                     Eventually we had to leave Jo after spending a couple of hours on their fabulous veranda, sorry you were at work Scott, but will see you soon. It only took us just over the hour to get home, but the three of us had a nice ride out. Well me old mates got to put my chickens away and  as dusk is drawing near,  I reckon an early night for me.
                                                                                          Here is a thought for all of you, when your head hits the pillow and you cannot sleep start counting the Alpacas, and  not the sheep.
 Goodnight to you all.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Wet and Dry

Wet and Dry,
                     well that is all it has been today, we started the morning shifting a few of the girls into a new paddock, as we  needed to have a couple of the paddocks topped, the sun was shining a little bit windy but fine. Stewart a good friend of ours, had come early to top a couple of paddocks for us, with his newly bought flail mower, what a machine that is eight foot wide with a heavy duty roller on the back, what a lovely job he did to.Then it began to pour down we have never had it rain as heavy as it did this morning for a long time.All we need now is some nice sunshine and a few dry days so we can get our twelve acres of hay cut and bailed.
               I was hoping that it would stop nice as we were having a visit from a local couple who have been here before, to look at some Alpacas to buy.They own some land but need to do quite a bit of fencing, before they could have some Alpacas there, we have agreed to keep them here until they are ready, as they want to have some of our pregnant females now and not wait. They have put their name to a few they really like and a nice stud boy, and will let us know in the week. As we said to them it is a big decision they have to make so they must take their time.
                                                   Ann had a lovely phone call from Jo and Scott from Suffolk today, they have had a beautiful female cria  from Chase-End Fruitcake, same colour as her mother rich dark brown, we are so pleased for them, that is one male and one female they have had since we delivered them last week
                                                   Well the sun is shining again now so better make the most of it and speak soon to you all.
                     Bye for now

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A lovely ride out.

Good day to you all,
                               Ann and myself had a lovely ride out on Monday, we went off to deliver three Alpacas, two pregnant females, and one with cria at foot. It was only about fifty miles from us but actually through some amazing countryside. you will ever see little old villages with lots of thatched cottages ponds and of course very old pubs.It was Suffolk we went to just over the Essex border to a place called Great Cornard.
                              On arriving there Jo was standing outside waiting for us, she was so excited to see us and know her new girls had finally arrived, we got them into the new paddock that Scott and Jo had worked hard at the weekend to get finished, and might I say They had made a cracking job of it.We were so pleased for them it is great to see,  new people coming into the Alpaca business and we wish them a great future in their new venture, mind you we will be seeing them soon as we have to deliver some more Alpacas to them in the next couple of weeks.
                                    We were not to late getting home and of course as we all know it was straight out to do a few more jobs, but it was still nice to have a few hours away from the farm, especially this time of year when you are waiting for cria to be born, but our daughter Sharon, had been here and all was well when we got home.
                                      Well I suppose I had better get outside as the sun is shining and there is plenty for me to do, Everyone have a great day and speak soon.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Some things happen fast.

Happy Saturday to one and all,
                                               I was about early this morning 4-45 to be exact, I knew our Azaria was just about ready to give birth, so I wanted to be about, but when I went out to the birthing paddock, she was there as usual munching away not even looking up when I called her.I thought might as well have a cuppa, and catch up on a bit of the old news.Time flys when you are watching a bit of the old Tele, and it was not long before my good lady appeared ready for her morning cuppa. I said to Ann have just looked out at Azzy as we call her, and she is okay. Ann went to the window and shouted out you better hurry, she is birthing, before I got into the paddock she had given birth, a really lovely boy cria.By the time we got to her just to make sure the cria was fine, which he was, and I had sprayed him, we thought we would give Mum some time as she is very protective towards her cria when they are first born.
                                                                                                        We came back in doors to have a cuppa, when Ann said to me Joe she has passed her placenta, so off I go again to check that which was okay and I cleaned it up and disposed of it. I have never known things happen as fast as they did, but Azzy and her cria are fine, which is the main thing. It has been a really nice day here in Orsett, a little windy but plenty of sunshine, so we are very pleased about that.That is the second cria in just over a week, I think we have a little break now before the other girls start, I just love this time of year when our cria are being born.
                                                                                                        Well I think I have chatted enough today, so I will sign off and speak to you all soon,
                                                                         Cheerio for now,

Friday, 15 June 2012

Hi Everyone,
                  We started the week with a visit from a very nice couple last Sunday, Scott and Jo, who had arranged to drive down from Suffolk to view some of our Alpacas. They spent a couple of hours with us having a good look and  finally chose the three pregnant females they liked.They had young Cameron with them and he soon got used to the Alpacas, and they were soon feeding out of his hand.It really is nice to meet people who are starting out on a new venture purchasing their first Alpacas, it brought a lot of memories back when Ann and myself first started, and it has give us so much satisfaction over the years building our herd to what it is today.I know Scott and Jo have a hard weekend in front of them building new paddocks, but it will be worthwhile when they see the Alpacas in them when we take them on Monday. I really wish them all the best, and hope they get plenty of satisfaction out of it all just like we have done.
                        Well it is getting pretty late for me as must get some kip, as I have a lot to do tomorrow, so speak soon and good night.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

The weather forecast was certainly right in Essex today.We sat on the veranda and had our breakfast this morning, just finished it and low and behold it started to rain. We have had it all day so it has put a damper, on doing much work outside my poo picking went right out of the window, never mind another day tomorrow mind you I think we are forecast pretty much the same over the next few days.
                                                                                                             I suppose things sometimes work out for the best, as we have had our two daughters over and it has been nice to catch up with what they have been up to.They both came to see our lovely boy who was born yesterday. Not that he has been about too much as soon as it started raining, he was off into the shelter but he kept on coming out with the other cria, well lets face it he was most probably wondering  why all this water was falling down on him.
                                                                                                                    As I am writing this blog I am watching him out of my office window, having a nice run about,  sorry he has stopped for tea, Wizard is such a good Mum. It is rather funny for years we bred cattle and now Alpacas and all animals are much the same, when it comes to their young, all so very protective it is so lovely to see. Well I better be making a move as it is my turn to do dinner got to admit it will not be nothing fancy as I am not a very good cook, so we are just having beans on toast, well I thought that was a pretty good suggestion, so bye for now speak soon.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Good day to everybody,
                                     well I suppose in between jobs you were all watching the Jubilee, it was fantastic viewing, and all of them people turning up, I think it surprised quite a few people, especially with the weather and it being a bit nippy, still the concert was good,Elton-Paul McCartney, Tom Jones, just shows theres life in us old dogs yet, hope you are listening Jeff Easter,it is his Birthday this week.                  
                                                                                   Well we had a pretty hectic morning, it all started about nine, I was getting ready to go off to Hoddeson, on a bit of business, just got out of the shower, got dressed, when my wife Ann called me, our Wizard had started to give birth. I quickly threw some clothes on shot down to the birthing paddock, and after a few minutes having to help her, with a few tugs she was fine and we had a lovely boy cria. After making sure everything was fine I had to have another shower and be on my way. Unfortunately our daughter Sharon, who we call our midwife, could not be there as she has been a bit poorly, these last few months, still pet it is not many you have missed is it.
                                                                                            I was only gone a couple of hours and when I got back the new cria was playing with our two week old one, chasing each other around the paddock great to see, I stood watching them for quite a while as they both looked extremely happy, and by the way so were we.Time to go folks as Ann is calling me for tea, gammon steak tonight yummy,
                                                                                             Speak to you all soon,
                                                                                                   Chase-End- Joe.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Good Evening everyone, just a quick hello today,
                                                                       well what a scorcher, Ann and myself were out early doing our chores this morning, she said it was going to get warm, so we got stuck  in which I am pleased we did, because by lunchtime it was melting here.Jude our next female to give birth, has been up and down all day, so we will be keeping a close eye on her, knowing she has not got long. It is rather funny, because she is in the same paddock as our new born cria, whose name I have just been told is Daisy May,anyway the new cria has been making a proper fuss of Jude, which is a bit odd because when Jude is ready to give birth she is a proper loner and spits at anything that goes near here, but she has been letting the new cria cush right beside her, first time for everything I suppose.
                                    I contacted Farrlacey Alpaca Mill today and they are coming to collect our fleeces at the weekend so they can get started for us, then Ann the knitting starts. Well folks it has just turned seven, and tea is nearly ready so I am off for my cold shower, speak soon,

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Hi everybody,
                       well we were supposed to wake up to sunshine today, but it is dreary and very much on the cold side, have to put my coat on to start with, still cannot grumble it is not raining. We do need the sun to shine though as with all the rain we have had, we need the warmth now to help the grass to grow. Providing it does we should have a much better crop of hay this year.
                                                                            I am just listing my jobs for today, seems to many to fit all in,so I am going to do the normal ones first , short feed the Alpacas, do some paddock cleaning, and finish off, re-arranging  my boys to another paddock.We have some nice Stud boys for sale, out of Ice Cool Lad, that we have kept and they are now ready to be put to work.
                                                                                 My wife Ann had a good look at some of our pregnant females yesterday, and she wants me to bring another one into the Birthing paddock so better get my skates on, and get the jobs done, or it will be bed time before we know it, so cheerio for now, speak soon.

Monday, 21 May 2012

What a great week

Good morning to you all,
                                      I must admit it is good to start the blog again after quite a long time from doing so.Ann and myself, have had a very busy week, first off we had the Shearers last weekend, Saturday in fact. It was a very nice day sun was shining, and all went according to plan. They were up and running by 8-15 and the last Alpaca was sheared just after 1pm, including a bacon and egg  15 minute break,the boys did not hang around as they were off to another job in Norfolk, that they wanted to get done. After they had gone it was good to have a sit down, and rest the muscles, you did not know we have.
                                                                                                  Having a nice cup of tea and standing watching all the Alpacas, I said to Ann, they look undressed, I certainly like them better with there coats on,and we both laughed. As the week passed by we knew we had to keep watch, to a couple of our girls, as there time was nearly due.I had let the girls all into one of the chases, where there was some lush grass, and I carried on with my hoover cleaning there paddock, like you do when you are using the hoover I was thinking about other things when all of a sudden our Jude nudged me in the back, sure enough she was giving birth, but she had come to me as she must have sensed all was not well. The crias head was showing , but lying  sideways, having experienced this before I knew the legs were not in the right position, I went and washed straight up, Ann called my daughter, Sharon and we started to help Jude. It was a little difficult as one leg was straight back and the other was bent. I knew this was going to be tough as the crias legs were long, but we persevered and after twenty minutes we had a lovely female cria, solid white, Jude looked at us all as much to say thanks, its funny how animals trust us and know we will help them.
                                                                                                                          Sunday arrived and we had a visit from Jeff and Sheila, from Easterwood Alpacas, they had come to take Ice Cool Lad back as they have some matings to do with him. It was great to see them, they stayed a few hours, and we all had a good old natter, time does fly when your enjoying yourselves does it not, They were back on the road about five as it takes them a couple hours to get home, by the way Jeff like your new Alpaca Wagon.
                                                                                                                Well folks that all for now as must go and do my jobs, so speak to you all soon,
                                                                            Bye for now

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Well done Easterwood

Good afternoon everyone,
this is just a quick blog, to congratulate two of the nicest people we have met, since we started breeding Alpacas. Jeff and Sheila, what can we say, only we are so happy for you both, you have worked so hard, establishing your Farm, and let me say you have made a Brilliant job of it.Having been involved with your goodselves, since being partners with ICE-COOL-LAD for quite a while now, we have seen what you have acheived, Good Luck to you both and may it continue.
All the very best,
Joe Ann.