Thursday, 16 September 2010

Good to be back

Well hello everyone,
it is so good to be able to use the Blog again, in all honesty I have been a bit under the weather for the last few weeks,so have not been in the frame of mind to put pen to paper as the saying goes.
Everything here at Chase End is fine, Strawbury Cheesecake eventually had her cria, a lovely little girl, we were so pleased. It really was an experience for us all, what had happened was my wife Ann noticed the head protruding, but when she had a closer look, only one leg was showing. She rang me straight away and I was back at the farm within minutes, with the midwife hot on my heels.We washed straight up and after a close examination, realised we needed to help her. This was a first for us, so after having had a good look we new the other leg was lying the other way. I managed to ease her leg forward very gently, and mum was being so good, only making the slighest of noises, eventually it came forward, and we had a lovely solid white female cria.It took a little while, but the problem we sometimes have is our vet, can take up to an hour to reach us, and we knew she needed help then. We have over the last few years learned so much, but I also think our time breeding cattle helped us get through.
We have had a nice bit of rain here now and the grass is really greening up better late than never. It had been so dry here in Essex, we forgot what rain looked like. Usually on our bit of ground we keep for growing hay, just under ten acres, we would normally reap about eight hundred bales, this year was under two hundred, that is how dry it has been. Well I would like to wish everyone all the best for the show this weekend, unfortunately we cannot be there as we have a very special day coming up this weekend, Anns Mam is NINETY YEARS YOUNG so we are having her family and friends around, for a good old fashioned Tea party.
Well better sign off now as still have a few jobs to do. Cheerio for now Chase-End Joe