Thursday, 5 August 2010

The Road to Hell

Hi Folks,
Well I have to agree with the song Chris Rea recorded, and he was certainly right, the M25 is certainly, what he said it was, say no more that is my moan for Today. We actually took Ice Cool Lad, back to his other home today, Easter Wood Alpaca Stud in Berkshire, what a lovely part of the world that is.It was really good to see our old friends, Jeff and Sheila, what a cracking couple they are. I must congratulate them for all the hard work they have put in there, it looks absolutely beautiful, They have just about finished the Log Cabin, and I must say,we were very impressed.
Needless to say, we had a good look at all the new born cria, and they have some very nice ones too. Sheila made some lovely bacon sarnies, which I must admit went down very well.Jeff and I sloped off and had the general man chatter as you do, while the girls, had a natter of their own. I can not really put into words how much, Ann and myself love to meet people, and since we started in the Alpaca business, we have made a lot of friends,and a lot more to make, I am sure of that.
One thing I have realised this week, especially after Anns Tea Party, is there are a lot of people out there, who do not know, what an Alpaca even looks like, so it really is up to us people, to share our farms with the people who do not know, so we have decided, to have an open day in the very near future, so we can help others to get to know these wonderful animals.Strict Bio Security always to be put in place first, that is essential, but I think this needs to be done for the Alpaca industry, which would help us all.
Well got to jog now as dinner is ready, and the bacon sarnies have worn off now, speak to you all soon,
Chase End Joe.
PS Anns fund for Marie Curie is over 900 pounds now, after receiving more donations.

Monday, 2 August 2010

A very Trying Week

Well Good Day to you all,
last week was a very trying week, Strawberry Cheesecake is still hanging on, my gooodness what a size she is, still something must happen soon.We are keeping a close eye on her for now.As the midwife keeps telling me she will come, when she is ready Da.I suppose she is right once again.
Then out of the blue,the Poo Picker blew up, engine completely seized. I phoned my son in law Jamie, and he and his boy Ashley, came straight over, and had it stripped down within the hour. I phoned Paul the Paddock man and he is sorting the spare parts we need, to get us back on the road, we cannot go back to hand picking, it takes forever.
We then had a lovely finish to the week. My wife Ann was having her old fashioned Tea party, to raise funds for the Marie Curie nurses, who we all know do a fantastic job.Saturday we erected the small marquees, which were to seat sixty people, there were just over seventy, when we did our final count. I must say what a brilliant day it turned out to be. Everyone was seated in there own groups, and served tea and sandwiches, followed by scones, fresh cream and jam, and of course a full arrangement of cakes, all homemade. Ann had worked so hard all week, baking and making sure she had enough china, so everyone had a lovely place setting, it was absolutely lovely pet I congratulate you, and all your helpers, you did extremely well, and I love you for it.Just to add Ann raised just under nine hundred pounds on the day.Well done love.
I think it is time for me to start work now, as the sun is shining, and there is plenty of work to do today, Toe trimming to start with, speak to you all soon.
Chase End Joe.