Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Finally one more name

Well as I said on the blog the other day, my wife Ann always picks the names for our newborn cria.She has taken her time with the last two newborn, but has finally decided on a name for the female, Chase-End-Blossom, still waiting for the boys name but I am sure that will come in the next day or two will let you all know when she comes up with it, must go now as I have had my teabreak, speak soon.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Reading the Blogs

Good Evening Everyone,
I am so pleased I keep reading as many blogs as I can, it keeps me in touch with what is happening at all the Alpaca Farms everywhere in the country from Lands End to John of Groats.Having bread cattle for almost twenty years, and then actually getting into breeding Alpacas has totally changed my life.
When Ann and I first started breeding Alpacas, about six years ago I did not envisage where the journey would take us. well let me tell you, to wake up in the morning, like I do very early, normally about five, and walk my paddocks, feeding my girls and boys,makes me feel ecstatic, especially seeing the new cria snugglig up to their Mums, and actually coming over to me to say Hello.
I really feel upset and know many other Alpaca breeders must feel the same
about how TB has changed our lives in taking our lovely girls and boys to Alpaca Shows. I do know that Fleece Shows are being supported, but the thrill of taking your Alpaca into the ring, to be Judged, is amazing, especially if you win a rosette.
I do not have all the answers, because there are far more breeders out there, more experienced than myself, but looking at a fleece, which really is what Alpaca breeding is all about, or seeing the Alpaca in the show ring, I know which I prefer, seeing the Alpaca standing proud to be judged on Fleece, and Stature is the only way for me.We here at Chase-End -Alpacas are fully into Bio Secirity and will always put our herd first. That is why we have not shown any of our Alpacas at any shows for the last two years, even though we are in an TB free area.
I only hope in the very near future, that things will change, like they did with Foot and Mouth, and we can all get back to showing our Alpacas like we used to.I realise that may be some time away, but I can only hope it will be sooner than later, because I really think, without us Breeders showing our Alpacas, how will we get the interest we need from the outside world. I only hope I have explained how I feel properly to you all, and would love to hear any of your comments, about my feelings,
Good night to you all,

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Shearing over plus another cria born

We had the Shearers arrive Monday, Sam from Shearco was here and set up ready to go by eight. He has been here the last three years, but had changed his system completely from last year. He had two helpers with him, Jason and Chris, both were sheep shearers, Jason from Wyoming, was telling us how he was brought up on a cattle and sheep ranch, only 36000 acres,where they go off for days on horseback checking there stock, really cannot imagine having all that acreage to look after. Chris the other guy, was from New Zealand, and they both had the same idea, come to England, not only to shear Alpacas, but to see some of England, good on you boys I admire that.
Getting back to the shearing, Sam had set two sets of rope down so they had two Alpacas ready to Shear, finishing one and straight on to the next one, first time we had seen it done that way, but it worked a treat, congratulations on a very good job done,they were so attentive to our herd, nice to meet the boys.We stopped and had breakfast, only for 15 minutes and straight back on with the job.By twelve thirty they were packing there gear away, and ready to travel to the next Farm.During the shearing, Jason had said he was looking forward to shearing an Alpaca as he had only ever done sheep,I said to Sam give him a go, which they were both very pleased about , so Sam slowly talked him through it and showed him and the boy did good, well in my book, you all have to start somewhere.I am afraid there were some aching limbs on Tuesday, but the good thing about the Shearers coming you can time all your injections to suit, works a treat, believe you me.
Tuesday came and went so quickly, we were finishing off tidying around and trying to decide, did they look better with their Fleece on or off,always on for me without a doubt.Ann my wife had noticed our Bazul, walking the fence line, and said to me I think she is just about ready, but as we Alpaca breeders all know, girls will be girls and have them when they are ready, needless to say nothing happened on Wednesday. Now we new Thursday morning with Basul patrolling the fence line again, that she would not be long, and sure enough about 10-45 she give birth to a little boy,his sire being Chase-End-Ice Warrior, he has now given us one of each a female and male cria, these are his first two cria, so well done to him.
Well that is my good bit of news this week,I have not done a lot today, but I somehow think I better make a start, or Anns list of jobs, will only get longer, only joking love, by the way names have not been chosen as yet, that is my wifes department, so come on love get cracking,Bye for now, speak to you all soon,

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

What a week

Good morning all,
Well what a week it has been, first of all we had arranged to go to Easterwood Alpacas last weekend and stay over, to collect Ice Cool Lad, well owning Alpacas does not allways allow you to do want you want to do.Betsy was overdue her cria so my wife Ann decided to stay home just in case.Off I went to Berkshire to meet our good old friends Jeff and Sheila, and spend some time with them, all Alpaca talk,looking at their lovely herd, and totally relaxing. I stayed overnight at a lovely hotel. which they had arranged, through there daughter who works there a lot of thanks to them for that.I must say they have worked so hard, since moving on to their property, it really looks so nice loved the flower beds Jeff.
Monday soon came and it was time to load ICL up and head home to Essex, still Betsy was hanging on, typical female.Arriving home we settled ICL into his paddock, and got straight to work with the normal everyday jobs on the farm. It has been quite an eventfull week, getting ready for the shearers, having visitors to the farm, so I was pretty happy when the weekend arrived. Sunday came,I was about at five as I am an early person, checking the birthing paddock, still no change, all quiet on the western front, as the saying goes. I had just settled down for a cuppa, when Ann came through, looked out of the window, and said we have a cria just born, she had not taken ten minutes to give birth. We dashed out to see a lovely sparkling white female cria, the waiting had been worth it. She is the first cria born to our stud,Chase-End-Ice-Warrior and a cracker she is too,we will wait and see, as we breeders all do.
Better get out and do some chores or the day will pass by,speak soon,