Monday, 26 July 2010

Signs of Pain

Hi everybody,
I have not been on the Blog for a few days, as I had a tooth extracted on Friday, and have been in a bit of pain,, joking a side, it did give me a nasty couple of days, but as the midwife reckons,, you do not know what pain is Da, that is what she calls me.
Everything on the Farm is fine, except Strawberry Cheesecake is still hanging on, so unpredictical these girls. We have all been mucking in this week, as my wife Ann is holding a Tea party on Sunday, to raise some cash for the, Marie Curie Cancer Care, those nurses need all the help, they can get, so we hope it all goes well.
Well the time has come for Ice Cool Lad to return to Easter Wood Alpacas, in Berkshire, We will be taking him back to Jeff and Sheila, later this week. He has finished his matings here, but will probably come back a little later in the year, to have another go, as the saying goes, the girls do love him, and he does give us some lovely cria.
Well only a short one tonight, as must take the pup, up the field as I can here her barking, she is turning into a real lovely dog, so intelligent and obedient, and still only six months old.Will sign off now and speak to all soon,Bye for now.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Good morning to you all,
another red hot day here in Essex, please let us have a bit of rain. Well I have been really busy, these last few days.First I must admit, I did manage to escape for a couple of days, went down to a little village in Oxfordshire, Hook Norton, to see a couple of good friends of mine, who have a nice Hotel there. It was great to see them both, and catch up, so long since I seen them. Had a nice relaxing time and set off for home at 8-45 yesterday, expecting about a two hour drive, no chance, there had been a nasty accident, on the M25, they actually closed it completely, it took me seven hours to get back, had to follow the diversions for hours, so I was a bit stressed on getting back to base.Never mind, I only hope, the people, who were in the accident, are okay.
When I got home I had a pleasant surprise, we were having a visit from our Website girl, she is my cousins daughter. Joanne is a lovely girl, and I would like to thank her, for making such a good job, of everything she has done for us, ie Website, Letterheads and cards, so professional in everything she does.
They had also come over, to help us get into our local show. it is quite a large Agricultural event, that takes place every year, and they have never had Alpacas there before, so it should be very interesting.We are just waiting for the organisers, to get back to us. I will keep you updated on what happens. Well folks I had better, get out there, and get started, as Ann has informed me, that Jess, our Border Collie pup can get through a small gap in our garden fence, animals will always find a way out, if there is one, you can be sure of that, so cheerio for now,
Chase- End- Joe

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Getting even Hotter and still cria to be born

Hi everyone, what a scorcher.
It feels like it has been over 100 degrees today. I actually had a lay in this morning, 6-30 when I came to, which is very unusual for me, I am normally about by 5-30, must of been the two glasses of wine I had last night,. To be honest I am not the best sleeper in the world, but when I know there is another Alpaca ready to birth, I cannot settle.
Cheesecake is one of my favourite girls, mind you, she has a strong mind of her own,always ready to have a spit at you, but only when,she is ready to give birth, sometimes I have a little moan, but I am soon brought back down to Earth, by my Ann, and the midwife,, who always says, have you ever given birth Da, thats her name for me,then I know it is time for me to be quiet.
I think we all get so attached to all our girls and boys, naturally, we spend so much time with them, doing everything we can to keep them as healthy as we can. Cheesecake is a stunning Alpaca, Full Australian,her Sire is H.R Alpine Fibres Brutus, and her Dam is EP Cambridge Secregaze. and she is due anytime, The Sire being Ice- Cool - Lad, we have some lovely cria on the farm, by him and our other Sires, so feel free to visit anytime, look forward to seeing you.
Cheerio for now,

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Good evening to you all,
well today has been a very busy day for me,we started the day well, Poo picking first job of the day, 12 acres takes some time, thank God we had help, and then there was the manicuring, lets be honest some times they are great, but today everyone of them wanted to cush down, making it a lot longer job and a bit tiring. but we eventually got there. I think we all know the answer, to that, let us get set up just like the Shearers do, thats definitely my next job.
On a lighter note, my Sister Jackie, who has has been twenty years married last week, asked us to watch the kids,while they jogged off to a nice country retreat, for a bit of R/R.
Mind you they are two cracking kids, we have really enjoyed having them, they love the Farm, the Alpacas, Jess our young pup, and of course the kittens, which they are having one each.
In all honesty, with all the doom and gloom going on at this present time, it is nice to hear the young kids of today laughing and joking, and enjoying themselves,it actually takes a bit of the stress and strain away from us. Let us all hope things pick up for us all in the very near future, and with that, I will say goodnight to you all,
All the best,

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Another cria and also a liitle rain

Good Morning everyone,
well as I finished my blog yesterday, after being summoned to the birthing paddock by the guvnor, she was right as usual, we were having another cria born. The midwife was quickly called, Sharon likes to be at every birth if possible, within minutes she had arrived, and out came her medical bag. This time it was Chase-End- Midsummer Dream, another maiden.Her name will be Chase- End- Happy Days.
I think maybe I should explain why the names are a bit unusual. Exactly a month to the day 14th, which was yesterday, we lost our niece. Kim was such a lovely lively girl, everyone who met her loved her, life and soul of the party. Well our Kim had some very unusual sayings and expressions. Two of those were, Lully Gal, and Happy Days, hence the names we have chosen for our new cria.
Now for some rain we hope, had a little bit yesterday, and we are forecast for more today, we keep doing the Rain Dance, but it just is not working. Seriosly though, we are desperate in the Essex area. Our paddocks are bare we are feeding Hay already, so please let us have our share, we very much need it.
Well I hope you all have a very good day, and look forward to speaking to you all soon,
Cheerio for now, or better still Happy Days,
Chase- End- Joe

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Six new arrivals

Hi everyone,
well kidding a little bit really, five new kittens born and a lovely female cria, out of Betsys Beauty, yesterday. Her Sire is Janes Primo Barliegh, his Sire was Wellground Farliegh. It is his first cria, so we will just wait and see, but she is very tall and very white. Of course I must mention, the midwife my daughter Sharon, she had to help with the delivery as it was Betsys first cria, and took rather a long time. All went well in the end, so everyone was pleased, especially Beauty. Got to sign off as Ann has just informed me we may have another birthing today, very soon in fact.
Cheerio for now,
Chase End Joe.