Saturday, 30 April 2011

Chase-End- Prince William

Good Morning everyone,
and what a lovely one it is too, hope everyone enjoyed yesterday the Wedding being the highlight of the day, well it was not our only highlight. We had a really pleasant surprise, Ann and my daughter Sharon were watching the big event, I was at the other end of the farm cutting some weeds down,when I got the call, fancy a cuppa, oh and by the way Jude is giving birth.
Racing down to the birthing paddock to see the most beautiful white cria, standing so proud by his Mother, after doing all the neccesary jobs to him, to make sure he was fine, which he was, it was not hard to select a name for him, Chase-End-Prince-William, He is sired by Ice Cool Lad, and he looks a stunner.
Well like his namesake, maybe this Boy can go far, Let us hope so. Must go now as I have had my break this morning, and time to get back to work. Speak to you all soon,

Monday, 25 April 2011

Work Work and more Work we love it

Good Evening to you all,
what a weekend it has been,there is and old saying, not enough hours in the day, well how true can that be. We have been awake early every morning, by the way that is normal for us,we generally do the quite jobs first, as we have a few neighbours, and we try not to disturb them with any noisy jobs always leaving them to later.The grass has started growing but alas so has all the weeds. Today the tractor has worked overtime,it was so hot sitting on there at one point, after cutting four paddocks, I decided to cool down, so me and Jess my collie had five minutes under the hose, how lovely it was to.The place is looking a lot nicer tonight.
We have got Ice Cool Lads paddock ready, as he has some important work in front of him when he arrives back from Easterwood Alpacas, Jeff and Sheila are our co owners with ICL. We also have Ice Cool Warrior who is ready to start mating this year, he is ICL offspring, and what a lovely boy he has turned out to be an absolute double of his old Dad,I think he could be better, cannot wait to see what the future brings for him.We actually sat and had breakfast again this morning on the veranda, overlooking the paddocks watching the Alpacas basking in the Sun and thought Work Work and more Work, what a lovely position to be in.
Well it is nearly half past seven, and Ann has called me for my dinner so speak to you all soon,

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Chasing the Girls

Hi Everybody,
Well as the Title suggests, Monday was Chasing-The-Girls-Day.It all started on Sunday,we had heard about a chicken auction close by, so off we went to buy a few more chickens, which we did. brought them home, only four of them, and slowly let them into the paddock with our other four chickens, all seemed fine, they eyed each other up and down, circled each other, it was just like the O-K- Corral,when was it going to kick off.All seemed well for a while but then the three cria in the paddock started,chasing the new chickens every where, it is amazing how they all feel Alpacas and Chickens included when someone new invades their space. we eventually got them all bedded down for the night, thinking what a good job we had done.
Monday morning came, and we let the chickens out, All Hell broke loose the Cria were chasing them our four chickens were chasing them, they quickly fled in all directions,which ended in Ann, Sharon, and myself trying to gather them in. Around two hours later we managed to achieve that, sitting down to a nice cup of tea I turned to my wife Ann, and said pet it is many years since I was Chasing the Girls we both looked at each other and laughed.
Just thought I would let you all know about my Chasing The Girls Day.
Bye for now Chase-End-Joe.