Thursday, 24 May 2012

Good Evening everyone, just a quick hello today,
                                                                       well what a scorcher, Ann and myself were out early doing our chores this morning, she said it was going to get warm, so we got stuck  in which I am pleased we did, because by lunchtime it was melting here.Jude our next female to give birth, has been up and down all day, so we will be keeping a close eye on her, knowing she has not got long. It is rather funny, because she is in the same paddock as our new born cria, whose name I have just been told is Daisy May,anyway the new cria has been making a proper fuss of Jude, which is a bit odd because when Jude is ready to give birth she is a proper loner and spits at anything that goes near here, but she has been letting the new cria cush right beside her, first time for everything I suppose.
                                    I contacted Farrlacey Alpaca Mill today and they are coming to collect our fleeces at the weekend so they can get started for us, then Ann the knitting starts. Well folks it has just turned seven, and tea is nearly ready so I am off for my cold shower, speak soon,

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Hi everybody,
                       well we were supposed to wake up to sunshine today, but it is dreary and very much on the cold side, have to put my coat on to start with, still cannot grumble it is not raining. We do need the sun to shine though as with all the rain we have had, we need the warmth now to help the grass to grow. Providing it does we should have a much better crop of hay this year.
                                                                            I am just listing my jobs for today, seems to many to fit all in,so I am going to do the normal ones first , short feed the Alpacas, do some paddock cleaning, and finish off, re-arranging  my boys to another paddock.We have some nice Stud boys for sale, out of Ice Cool Lad, that we have kept and they are now ready to be put to work.
                                                                                 My wife Ann had a good look at some of our pregnant females yesterday, and she wants me to bring another one into the Birthing paddock so better get my skates on, and get the jobs done, or it will be bed time before we know it, so cheerio for now, speak soon.

Monday, 21 May 2012

What a great week

Good morning to you all,
                                      I must admit it is good to start the blog again after quite a long time from doing so.Ann and myself, have had a very busy week, first off we had the Shearers last weekend, Saturday in fact. It was a very nice day sun was shining, and all went according to plan. They were up and running by 8-15 and the last Alpaca was sheared just after 1pm, including a bacon and egg  15 minute break,the boys did not hang around as they were off to another job in Norfolk, that they wanted to get done. After they had gone it was good to have a sit down, and rest the muscles, you did not know we have.
                                                                                                  Having a nice cup of tea and standing watching all the Alpacas, I said to Ann, they look undressed, I certainly like them better with there coats on,and we both laughed. As the week passed by we knew we had to keep watch, to a couple of our girls, as there time was nearly due.I had let the girls all into one of the chases, where there was some lush grass, and I carried on with my hoover cleaning there paddock, like you do when you are using the hoover I was thinking about other things when all of a sudden our Jude nudged me in the back, sure enough she was giving birth, but she had come to me as she must have sensed all was not well. The crias head was showing , but lying  sideways, having experienced this before I knew the legs were not in the right position, I went and washed straight up, Ann called my daughter, Sharon and we started to help Jude. It was a little difficult as one leg was straight back and the other was bent. I knew this was going to be tough as the crias legs were long, but we persevered and after twenty minutes we had a lovely female cria, solid white, Jude looked at us all as much to say thanks, its funny how animals trust us and know we will help them.
                                                                                                                          Sunday arrived and we had a visit from Jeff and Sheila, from Easterwood Alpacas, they had come to take Ice Cool Lad back as they have some matings to do with him. It was great to see them, they stayed a few hours, and we all had a good old natter, time does fly when your enjoying yourselves does it not, They were back on the road about five as it takes them a couple hours to get home, by the way Jeff like your new Alpaca Wagon.
                                                                                                                Well folks that all for now as must go and do my jobs, so speak to you all soon,
                                                                            Bye for now