Friday, 13 July 2012

Another cria at Chase-End-Farm.

Good morning one and all,
                                       It has been one hell of a week weather wise for us all, you just seem to start something and then down it comes again I was caught by the hailstones on Wednesday right at the bottom of the field, one minute it was lovely the next hailstones from hell.
                                                                                            On a much brighter note we had another cria arrive this week a cracking female solid white, that is five so far this year with a few more to come. What fascinates me about Alpacas they know when they are in a bit of trouble, as it happened again to me the other day. Capri actually let us know she was having a bit of a problem birthing as she came over to me as much to say, come on boy give me a hand, she stood there while I helped deliver her cria, such intelligent animals.
           We have sold a few more Alpacas this week but they are staying with us for a few weeks until their new owners complete their new paddocks, they are not having a lot of luck at the moment as the sunshine is holding them back .I read Jeff Easter's blog about him having a problem getting hay for his Alpacas, and this could be a problem all over as who can cut hay in this weather, we still have ours to cut, please give us a few days of sunshine, we only need four or five.
                                                                                               Well folks time for me to go as it has stopped raining so I can get back out there, Bye for now,

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