Friday, 29 June 2012

Is it Friday the thirteenth

Good Evening everyone,
                                    What a day it has been today, it started with one of our boys actually breaking a fence post and getting into another paddock, these guys are very strong animals when they know a few of the girls are still open, anyway this happened around seven this morning, so we were rather lucky as my grandson was here to pick up some tools before he set off to work, he had a couple of his workmates with him, so it did not take us long to sort our little problem out, after they went off to work after all the confusion, Ann realised we were a mother and cria missing and unfortunately one of the guys had not closed the gate properly and we had mother and cria walking around our hay field, but we have to say Good old Ann as she always gives them Camelibra out of a pink bucket, but it worked Wizard came down the field with cria in tow mind you we could not see the cria as the grass is too long, and both of them went straight into there paddock.
             Now we thought time for a good old cuppa tea, [wrong] Ann had a phone call from our neighbour Peter, our Henrietta one of our chickens was off for a morning walk up the road, so off we went to try and find her sure enough she had not gone far but was well into the hedgerow, then the laugh begins my Ann is standing out there doing her chicken call which is rather special might I add, and low and behold in she walks through the gate with Henrietta fast on her heels, great I thought a nice cuppa and then I can start and do some paddock cutting. Well would you believe it had tea and toast went out to start the tractor and the ignition switch had broke, what else could go wrong, then we both looked at each and laughed, another day on the Alpaca farm, so back to work sun shining what more could one want..
                                                                                                                   The thing is when you look at life we do have it all, us alpaca farmers, have different things happen every day to us all, but we are all doing something we are very passionate about, how lucky can that be. Think I better sign off now as still have just a couple of jobs left to do, so speak to you all soon,
                                                                             Tara for now,
                                                                                                  Chase-End- Joe.  

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Jeff and Sheila said...

Escaping Alpacas and escaping Chickens Joe? Whatever next mate?