Thursday, 28 June 2012

Friends are forever

Good Evening one and all,
                                       First of all thanks for the sunshine, it has been a great few days here in Essex, a bit to hot really but let us not complain. We have been so busy on the farm this week, injecting all of the herd, by the way a big thank you to Zena she is a close friend of my wife Ann who offered to help out on the farm and she has been a blessing in disguise, a few weeks ago she knew nothing about Alpacas but she has literally put her boiler suit on rolled her sleeves up and got stuck in, a big thank you for all the help pet.
                                        We had to deliver the other Alpacas what we had sold to Suffolk today, so we had quite a bit to do first, we did not set off to early in fact it was about 3-0 clock as we had to wait until our grandson Ashley came over as we would not leave the farm unattended. Sharon our daughter came with us as she wanted to see where our Alpacas had gone. Mind you I think she got a bit of a surprise when we arrived there, and so did Ann and myself.
                                                             Scott and Jo let me tip my hat to you both, because not only do you both work, but you have done a remarkable job on your farm in such a short time.It was great to see how you have planned your paddocks, by the way you have not nicked any of  my ideas, [only joking] Ann and myself want to wish you both all the luck in your new venture, and I know from experience believe you me, that the hard work always pays off in the end.
                                                                     Eventually we had to leave Jo after spending a couple of hours on their fabulous veranda, sorry you were at work Scott, but will see you soon. It only took us just over the hour to get home, but the three of us had a nice ride out. Well me old mates got to put my chickens away and  as dusk is drawing near,  I reckon an early night for me.
                                                                                          Here is a thought for all of you, when your head hits the pillow and you cannot sleep start counting the Alpacas, and  not the sheep.
 Goodnight to you all.

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