Saturday, 16 June 2012

Some things happen fast.

Happy Saturday to one and all,
                                               I was about early this morning 4-45 to be exact, I knew our Azaria was just about ready to give birth, so I wanted to be about, but when I went out to the birthing paddock, she was there as usual munching away not even looking up when I called her.I thought might as well have a cuppa, and catch up on a bit of the old news.Time flys when you are watching a bit of the old Tele, and it was not long before my good lady appeared ready for her morning cuppa. I said to Ann have just looked out at Azzy as we call her, and she is okay. Ann went to the window and shouted out you better hurry, she is birthing, before I got into the paddock she had given birth, a really lovely boy cria.By the time we got to her just to make sure the cria was fine, which he was, and I had sprayed him, we thought we would give Mum some time as she is very protective towards her cria when they are first born.
                                                                                                        We came back in doors to have a cuppa, when Ann said to me Joe she has passed her placenta, so off I go again to check that which was okay and I cleaned it up and disposed of it. I have never known things happen as fast as they did, but Azzy and her cria are fine, which is the main thing. It has been a really nice day here in Orsett, a little windy but plenty of sunshine, so we are very pleased about that.That is the second cria in just over a week, I think we have a little break now before the other girls start, I just love this time of year when our cria are being born.
                                                                                                        Well I think I have chatted enough today, so I will sign off and speak to you all soon,
                                                                         Cheerio for now,

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Jeff and Sheila said...

Congratulations.....more cria?