Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A lovely ride out.

Good day to you all,
                               Ann and myself had a lovely ride out on Monday, we went off to deliver three Alpacas, two pregnant females, and one with cria at foot. It was only about fifty miles from us but actually through some amazing countryside. you will ever see little old villages with lots of thatched cottages ponds and of course very old pubs.It was Suffolk we went to just over the Essex border to a place called Great Cornard.
                              On arriving there Jo was standing outside waiting for us, she was so excited to see us and know her new girls had finally arrived, we got them into the new paddock that Scott and Jo had worked hard at the weekend to get finished, and might I say They had made a cracking job of it.We were so pleased for them it is great to see,  new people coming into the Alpaca business and we wish them a great future in their new venture, mind you we will be seeing them soon as we have to deliver some more Alpacas to them in the next couple of weeks.
                                    We were not to late getting home and of course as we all know it was straight out to do a few more jobs, but it was still nice to have a few hours away from the farm, especially this time of year when you are waiting for cria to be born, but our daughter Sharon, had been here and all was well when we got home.
                                      Well I suppose I had better get outside as the sun is shining and there is plenty for me to do, Everyone have a great day and speak soon.

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Jeff and Sheila said...

Congratulations to you all! Great to see new breeders!