Sunday, 24 June 2012

Wet and Dry

Wet and Dry,
                     well that is all it has been today, we started the morning shifting a few of the girls into a new paddock, as we  needed to have a couple of the paddocks topped, the sun was shining a little bit windy but fine. Stewart a good friend of ours, had come early to top a couple of paddocks for us, with his newly bought flail mower, what a machine that is eight foot wide with a heavy duty roller on the back, what a lovely job he did to.Then it began to pour down we have never had it rain as heavy as it did this morning for a long time.All we need now is some nice sunshine and a few dry days so we can get our twelve acres of hay cut and bailed.
               I was hoping that it would stop nice as we were having a visit from a local couple who have been here before, to look at some Alpacas to buy.They own some land but need to do quite a bit of fencing, before they could have some Alpacas there, we have agreed to keep them here until they are ready, as they want to have some of our pregnant females now and not wait. They have put their name to a few they really like and a nice stud boy, and will let us know in the week. As we said to them it is a big decision they have to make so they must take their time.
                                                   Ann had a lovely phone call from Jo and Scott from Suffolk today, they have had a beautiful female cria  from Chase-End Fruitcake, same colour as her mother rich dark brown, we are so pleased for them, that is one male and one female they have had since we delivered them last week
                                                   Well the sun is shining again now so better make the most of it and speak soon to you all.
                     Bye for now

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Jeff and Sheila said...

Good luck with the new Alpaca Breeders and keep the rain over there will you?